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I have a few friends going through some sort of spiritual awakening at the moment.  I’ve seen it building for a while, but its only recently they’ve openly talked to me about it.  We’ve been having some great conversations about what it means and where to go to from here.

Its a good reminder of my own faith journey.  Having been raised in a faithful family, its so easy to take it for granted.  Even though there is no doubt that I have been on a journey, at times it can seem somewhat less than someone who wasn’t raised in some sort of faith, or openly rejected it to find their way back.

I’ve decided to start this blog as a place to discuss parts of my journey wherever it may lead me.

My friend said to me the other day that she rejected living her life of faith as it required her to look too deeply into herself and she knew she wouldn’t like what she found.  Today she says she’s ready for that, and to take a step to become ther person she knows she can be.  I’m so excited that she has chosen me to be part of that journey with her


June 9, 2010 - Posted by | Faith, Spirituality

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  1. I look forward to seeing where it takes you.

    Comment by Chazz Byron | June 9, 2010 | Reply

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