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I’m studying a Certificate III in Theology which has been very interesting.  Below is the brief overview of my oral presentation for my latest module about my favourite books or parts of scripture

Tobit is a book of the Bible in the Hebrew scripture that other denominations may include in their apocrypha, but Catholics still include as part of their bible.  Whatever denomination you are, I think its still worth a read. 

Tobit tells the story of a righteous Israelite named Tobit. One night, while sleeping outside, he is blinded by bird droppings that have fallen in his eyes, and due to the strain this causes in his life and marriage, he wishes for death. Most of the book tells the story of Tobit’s son, Tobiah, who has been sent to collect some money that had been deposited in Media. On this journey, Tobiah meets the angel Raphael, disguised as a human, who aids and protects him on the way. On arriving in Media, Tobiah hears of Sarah. She has lost seven husbands to a demon, who kills her husbands on their wedding nights. Tobiah’s journey to media included being attacked by a fish, which they kill and keep the heart, liver and gall bladder. Using these, Tobiah is able to drive away the demon, and on returning home, cure his father’s blindness. This book of the bible is one of my favourites, as it shows the path that life can lead, and how God is always providing for us in such extraordinary ways. Being attacked by a fish, results in him curing his father and freeing his future wife. Tobiah is also accompanied by the Angel Raphael throughout the journey providing him with protection and guidance. In the same way, God provides us with people to accompany us on our own journeys, and we will encounter events that later provide us with the resources to achieve something good. In the New Testament, one of my favourite passages is John 8:1-11, which is about Pharisees who bring the woman charged with adultery to Jesus, and he says “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” This is a reminder of the mercy of Christ, who is always willing to forgive our sins without condemnation. It also tells us to not condemn others, due to the sin in our own lives.


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  1. Though it isn’t in my bible, it was a good book

    Comment by Chazz Byron | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] Fr Vic ran the first young adults group that I ever joined. It was at the encouragement of some of the people in the parish. I remember him telling me once he wouldn’t have done it on his own volition, because he was never sure what to do with young people, but it was him they asked, and he did a wonderful job. Every sunday for years we would meet, and we would pray the rosary together.  We would then go over to the hall, and have some sort of discussion, where I learnt so much.  We did some bible study, and with him I found my favourite book of the bible. […]

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